One would suppose that being knowledgeable actor would immediately make somebody an excellent liar. Seems, that’s not true in any respect. Some actors are such horrible liars that you simply simply must query how they ended up being so profitable.

Let’s check out some ridiculous, simply verifiable, or simply straight-up unbelievable lies that actors tried to promote us:

VIN DIESEL SAID HE USED TO BE A BEASTIE BOYS BACKUP DANCER. FASTA CURIOUS When Ad-Rock was asked about his claim, the musician said that it wasn't true. He thinks Adam Yauch might've helped Diesel get into a dance club once and that the actor might've misinterpreted that as being


TYRESE GIBSON CLAIMED WILL SMITH GAVE HIM $5 MILLION FOR HIS CUSTODY BATTLE. In a 2017 Instagram rant, Gibson claimed that his estranged wife was pregnant, that he's broke, and that Smith gave him $5 million. A couple of weeks later, the actor admitted he made it all up and

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