Being a god-king mother or father cannot be straightforward. You strive disciplining a child who each is aware of that they seem to be a divine reward from the heavens and that spanking their ascended ass is a mortal sin? However what do you do then when, say, that very same child grows as much as change into a psychopathic serial killer? Based on King Yeongjo of Korea, to correctly punish them, all it takes is somewhat pondering exterior of the field. Then telling your child to get into that rattling field.

Based on most historians, King Yeongjo of the illustrious Joseon (or Choson) Dynasty was an amazing monarch. A strict Confucian, he dominated Korea for a lot of the 18th century beneath the ideas of regulation, order, and divine proper. By different accounts, he was additionally a chilly and distant dick to his kids in the way in which solely a strict Confucian might be. And that was precisely not the parent-son relationship wanted by Crown Prince Jangheon, at present higher referred to as Crown Prince Sado, after receiving the identify by his father for being such a sadistic unhappy sack. Seemingly affected by extreme psychological sickness, Sado’s sanity began to sink at an early age. Already an anxious and insecure wreck by the point he turned 15, issues solely acquired worse when Yeongjo tried to treatment him of his weaknesses by appointing him Korea’s regent — after which declaring how he is doing all the pieces improper. 

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It’s just like the royal equal of your deadbeat dad getting mad that you simply can’t experience a motorcycle whereas he’s within the midst of educating you how you can experience a motorcycle.

By his mid-20s, Sado had utterly misplaced his thoughts, usually displaying indicators of sexual deviance and plunging into violent fugue states. A really harmful affliction — particularly since nobody was allowed to intrude along with his’ divine physique.’ So when Crown Prince Sado began randomly killing palace workers and strolling round with their severed heads, no one might do something about it apart from some gentle tutting. And that included the king who was a strict observer of those spiritual guidelines — and possibly did not need to begin a ‘let’s begin killing royals for good reasons’-precedent both.

Worse, beneath the Korean regulation of communal punishment, the king was nicely conscious that executing a person additionally necessitated his household’s banishment/authorized homicide. (As a result of what’s feudal regulation with out some random violence in opposition to girls and youngsters?) And since Sado’s personal son was the subsequent and solely remaining inheritor in line, that might imply saying annyeonghee gaseyo to the Joseon dynasty altogether. Fortunately, there have been two loopholes that might eliminate the prince with out truly touching him. The basic was demanding he’d do the soiled work himself, however when King Yeongjo threw a sword at Sado’s ft demanding his suicide, the prince refused. So the great king needed to go along with plan C — C for Chest.

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Not since ‘Se7en’ has a field been so pointlessly grotesque.