• During navratri, people worship nine avatars of Goddess Durga
  • The food ingredients consumed during Navratri are makhana, sabudana, etc.
  • Vrat’s crispy pancake can be a tasty addition to your fasting diet

Navratri, which literally means “nine nights,” begins amid the blockades, isolation, and quarantine. Although there has been a sufficient supply of food everywhere, people avoid leaving the houses, unless there is an extreme need for the essentials. In such a situation, the use of each item in the home is the need of the hour and that, of course, becomes a struggle for people who use ‘vrats’. During navratri, people worship nine avatars of the Goddess Durga. As part of the rituals, they tend to avoid having various types of food, alcohol, and smoke during these nine days. People, especially those who fast, eat light food and ‘satvik’ during this time. The very common food ingredients consumed during this time are kuttu ka atta, makhana, peanuts, potatoes, sabudana, et al.

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In the current situation, when the whole country is advised to shut themselves up at home for 21 days (until April 15, 2020), getting new food every day for their fasting ritual can be a real struggle. Therefore, we bring you a ‘vrat wale’ recipe that can not only add variety to your ‘vrat ka khana’, but can also be easily made with the ingredients you have at home. It’s called ‘crispy pancake vrat’.

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Food YouTuber Parul, on his YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’, shared the video of the recipe for ‘crispy pancake vrat’, which is made with common ingredients like potatoes, green chili, rock salt, pepper, peanut powder, rajgira (amaranth) Atta curd, coriander leaves (coriander) and butter or oil.

Watch the recipe video for ‘Vrat Crispy Pancake’:

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