Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal wants people to support their doctors and medical staff by going out to their balconies, ceilings and windows, applauding and turning on their moving lights to appreciate the doctors who work to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The CM is not bad. Different countries have been using this technique to provide moral support to their medical workers.

People applaud from their windows in support of medical staff in Paris, France
Photography: Omar Havana / Getty Images
A woman applauds doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus as part of a national initiative to show unity and support in Sofia, Bulgaria
Photography: Dimitar Kyosemarliev / Reuters
Family members applaud from their balconies during a call on social media to thank the Spanish medical staff in Ronda, Spain
Photography: Jon Nazca / Reuters
A man plays the violin from a balcony to boost morale in Berlin, Germany
Photography: Paweł Kopczyński / Reuters
People hold their smartphones on a balcony as part of a national flash mob to light up Rome, Italy
Photography: Alberto Lingria / Reuters