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Merriam-Webster is laughing in any respect of us.

You in all probability already know this, however English is an odd, unusual language. In the event you suppose it is not, then I am sorry, however your bubble is about to be burst.

There are a ton of guidelines to talking and writing in English, however generally it is the exception to these guidelines which are much more annoying. Even worse, there are some phrases and phrases that defy any form of metric and solely exist to deliver us anarchy and chaos.


Merriam-Webster, laughing in any respect of us in all probability.

This is a listing of among the phrases and phrases within the English language which have by no means made any sense and by no means will.


The phrase “colonel” is pronounced just like the phrase “kernel.”

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There’s a completely advantageous rationalization for why this occurred, however that does not make the cognitive dissonance any much less actual.


“Via,” “thorough,” and “trough” ought to all sound the identical in the event that they insist on being spelled with -ough.


Essentially the most annoying of those is “via,” because it appears to be the one phrase that’s spelled like that and has the identical vowel sound as “true.”


The phrase “Wednesday” is spelled the way in which that it’s and it actually should not be.


The ‘n’ and the ‘d’ ought to swap locations, and get that center ‘e’ out of there. Please, somebody clarify that to them. Cannot we modify it now? It might take some getting used to, however I feel we would all be happier.


“Flammable” and “inflammable” imply the identical factor, and it is a crime in opposition to frequent sense.

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What’s the level of getting a model of the phrase with the prefix?


The plural type of “field” is “packing containers,” however the plural of “ox” is “oxen.” Make it make sense.

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It isn’t an animal factor, as a result of the plural of “fox” is “foxes” and never “foxen.”


Alongside these traces, if the plural of “goose” is “geese,” then the plural of “moose” needs to be “meese.”

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They’re the one two animal names which are spelled like that! Why would they be completely different???


Each “that that” and “had had” are acceptable inside the guidelines of English grammar.


Is there another language on this planet that does this?


“Worse” sounds completely different than all the opposite phrases that finish in -orse, and there is merely no purpose for that.


“Horse,” “regret,” “endorse”…and “worse.” WHY?


“Well-known” and “notorious” aren’t antonyms, for some purpose.

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It isn’t like with “flammable” and “inflammable,” the place each phrases imply the identical factor. “Well-known” signifies that one thing is extensively identified, whereas “notorious” signifies that one thing is notoriously evil. As soon as once more the prefix -in, which is meant to imply “not,” is not following the principles.


The idea of a “pair” of pants is tough to grasp.

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What’s there a pair of? The legs? That may’t be proper as a result of we additionally say a “pair of underpants” and there are not any legs there. There may be an evidence as to why we are saying “pair of” in terms of issues like pants, glasses, scissors, and tweezers, but it surely’s yet one more pointless complication on this tumbleweed of a language.


The quantity of English phrases that comprise silent letters is solely…too many.


What’s the want? Does “dumb” actually need that ‘b’? Would “February” miss that first ‘r’ if we took it away? “Yacht” has two entire letters which are simply there for adornment. Virtually each letter of the alphabet has guidelines about which phrases use it silently, and also you’re simply supposed to recollect all of them.


There are too many phrases which are spelled in another way however sound the identical.

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You are telling me there was no method for us to keep away from the debacle that’s their/they’re/there, lie/lye, and vane/useless/vein? I do not consider you.


“Coronary heart,” “beard,” and “heard” all have completely different vowel sounds although they’ve the identical vowels.


There are such a lot of cases like this, the place the identical vowels make completely different sounds primarily based on the letters they’ve on both facet. Phrases ought to look how they sound!


The quantity 40 is written “forty,” however Four is written “4.”


Earlier than you inform me that “twenty” and “thirty” aren’t written the identical as “two” and “three,” let me remind you that “sixty,” “seventy,” “eighty,” and “ninety” exist. 4 and forty are solely off by ONE LETTER, did we actually want that ‘u’? No.


Some contractions sound advantageous on the finish of a sentence, however others do not.


Why is it advantageous to finish a sentence with “do not” or “cannot,” however you would not finish a sentence with “you are” or “it is”? It sounds unhealthy to us now, however that is solely as a result of somebody instructed us it sounded unhealthy.


We are saying “double u double u double u” when it could be faster and simpler to say “world large internet.”


I am not saying I need us to begin saying “world large internet” each time we point out an internet site, however we went from a three-syllable phrase to a nine-syllable acronym.


And at last, the pronunciation of bologna is simply not proper.


So there are a number of causes as to why this is likely to be the case. Nonetheless, within the phrases of Choose Judy, that is bologna/baloney. Every thing would simply be simpler if phrases simply seemed like they sound, darn it.

In conclusion: English is bizarre, man.

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