Feroze Khan has taken the initiative to help the families of wage earners who suffer due to lack of income in the coronavirus panic. Sindh has been completely blocked since March 23 and Punjab is also on the way. While most of us are in our comfortable homes and enjoying a vacation, not all of us have disposable income to feed our families without daily wages, let alone provide for themselves.

Feroze announced on his Instagram that he will collect donations to distribute ration packs and provided a contact number for anyone who would like to participate.

feroze khan

“Anyone wants to contribute in ration bags. Can be zakat further. I am receiving ration bags made of basic necessities. Please contact me if anyone is interested in contributing, ”he wrote.

He then added a breakdown of how the money will be spent and each bag is supposed to be priced at PKR 1750.


the Ishqiya The actor then updated through an Instagram story that 1,500 bags have been distributed so far. He also urged people to continue donating because disadvantaged people need all the help they can get in this dark time.

Other celebrities like Anoushay Ashraf and Nomi Ansari have partnered with organizations to donate over 1000 ration packs to daily wage earners as well. They are also encouraging other people to take initiatives in their own cities and help!

Let us follow in his footsteps and help others as much as we can. It’s easy to focus just on staying safe, but we shouldn’t lose sight of our Pakistanis struggling to simply provide food for their families in this shutdown.