A rock-climbing vacationer was left shocked when a monk walked previous him on a steep slope with no sneakers and tools.

Vung Lomlalaiy was visiting the Ban Keun Temple within the capital metropolis of Vientiane in Laos the place he needed to climb up by a rope.

Cell phone footage uploaded on TikTok reveals Vung making his solution to the highest of the mountain the place the temple is positioned.

As he stops mid-way for a brief break, a younger monk is seen casually strolling up the slope whereas carrying two luggage.

The Buddhist monk wears a protracted yellow gown and no sneakers as he treks up the rocky mountain.

A monk hiked up the slope without using any climbing equipment
A monk hiked up the slope with out utilizing any climbing tools

Vung pans the digicam to himself and reveals the lengthy rope that he’s clinging onto whereas watching the “gravity-defying” monk attain to the highest.

The video has amassed greater than 3.2 million views and was shared to TikTok the place hundreds of viewers commented.

Some stated strolling on barefoot offers extra grip than strolling with sneakers on, whereas others likened the monk to some fictional characters in cartoons.

One viewer wrote: “He is on naked toes, that provides plenty of further grip. The issue is that for most individuals that will damage like hell…”

Vung held on to a climbing rope but struggled to pull himself up
Vung held on to a climbing rope however struggled to tug himself up

One other one added: “He is additionally strolling at an angle to mitigate the grade of the incline.”

Some skilled hikers stated the monk was strolling on a switchback method – a zigzag strolling sample to succeed in to the highest with a lot much less effort.

One anime fan joked: “He should be the air bender from Avatar!”

“Monks have extraordinary powers,” a fourth implied. “Vertical climbing could also be certainly one of them.”