Providing insight into normality for an auto industry and a world dominated by fear of the coronavirus, Honda Motor’s automobile assembly plant in Wuhan, China, the city at the epicenter of the global pandemic, partially resumed production on Wednesday. March 11th.

Honda has returned to operationalize all its production bases in China. Initially, Honda aimed to restart production in the Hubei province capital on February 24, but was forced to extend the suspension until Tuesday in accordance with Chinese provincial government policy.

The assembly plant, which built 791,518 vehicles last year, closed during the annual spring break in China on January 23. Scheduled to reopen on February 3, the plant was closed indefinitely when the Chinese government closed Hubei province to control the spread of the virus.

“This is important, good news,” said Eric Noble of consultant The Carlab. “Never underestimate the resilience of the auto industry.”

Honda’s joint venture with local car maker Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co. Ltd. employs 12,000. Honda said parts of three four-wheeler plants in the city restarted operations on Wednesday in what they called “small volumes.” The plants have a combined production of 600,000 units per year.

Meanwhile, Nissan Motor Co. plans to restart its plants in Xiangyang, also in Hubei province, and Zhengzhou in Henan province within this week. “We are preparing for the restart as we try to ensure worker safety and closely monitor supply chain conditions,” said a Nissan official.