The Indian cricket team should expect to perform well in the next series of test matches against New Zealand from 21S t February 2020 after losing the ODI series 3-0. No one expected the Black Caps to be so ruthless and disciplined in the ODI after suffering a humiliating loss in the T20I series that they lost to India 5-0. Well, the inefficiency of bowling and the field of the Indian team also played an important role in the victory of the hosts, but there is an Indian player who performed consistently well during the T20I and ODI.

We are talking about KL Rahul, the Indian cricketer who is ready to take on any responsibility entrusted to him by team management if he is opening the tickets, hitting no. 3 or not 5 or even play as a part-time wicket-keeper. He has been in excellent form lately and even scored a century in the last ODI of the series.

In the same game, KL Rahul got involved in a joke with New Zealand player Jimmy Neesham and the latter posted the photo of the moment on the Twitter microblogging site with the title, “Paper, scissors, stone?” with a smiley emoticon

Here is the tweet:

Neesham’s tweet was noticed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and gave a blatant response. The official ICC Twitter ID wrote: “Maybe we do this instead of super overs?”

Well, ICC was just trying to have fun at the expense of Black Caps, as the hosts lost to the Indians in super in two games of T20I consecutively.

Jimmy Neesham was also asked by a user if it was he who cheated on Rahul or vice versa, to which the cricketer clarified that it was just a friendly joke and that neither of them crossed the boundaries.

KL Rahul and Jimmy Neesham will play for the same team in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020, which is Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). Rahul has been designated as the team captain who is being trained by the great Indian Anil Kumble.

We must say that the ICC tweet is underway!

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