The golden rule amongst cat-kind—if it matches, I sits—is one which they certainly reside by. However it’s extra than simply proving as soon as once more their very liquid nature and becoming into hard-to-squeeze locations—it’s really extra a query of consolation, each within the sense that they wish to really feel secure and wish to really feel cozy. And who can blame them? Everybody desires that!

One Twitter person just lately confirmed simply how a lot cats love consolation. A lot that they gained’t care the place they sit, even in a shrine, simply in order that they will get out of the rain.

Cats don’t like rain and can at all times search for a spot to cover type it—even when it’s a sacred shrine

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

Twitter person and photographer ttt_zegu952 has just lately snapped some photos of a number of cats (individually or collectively) chilling in a sacred cat shrine in Japan, fully ignoring the sacredness of the place in order that they will get out of the rain.

Very acceptable for a cat to take a seat in a cat shrine, particularly one surrounded by plenty of maneki-neko, or beckoning cat figures. The small statuettes painting cats sitting up and beckoning with their entrance paws.

Seems, there’s a cat shrine present in Tashirojima, a small fishermen’s island east of Mainland Japan

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

And it appears the island’s quite a few inhabitants, cats, are sometimes seen hiding right here from the rain

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

You see, in Japanese folklore, it’s mentioned that cats have protecting powers and are an emblem of excellent fortune. What’s extra, this specific shrine, the Miyori Daimyojin or Neko Jinja, is present in Tashirojima, a small fishermen’s island on the japanese coast of Japan.

The island has change into often called Cat Island due to the truth that it has an enormous stray cat inhabitants that thrives there due to an area perception, as is customized in folklore, that feeding cats will deliver wealth and success.

In accordance with Japanese folklore, cats have protecting powers and are symbols of excellent fortune

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

There’s additionally a legend that fishermen believed cats have been a very good signal and that their presence would assure a very good catch. Thus, they handled cats with kindness. Sooner or later, nonetheless, one fisherman by chance hit a cat with a stone when he was anchoring his boat, after which the cat died. The cat shrine was constructed to honor it.

So, within the image, you may see an cute stray making himself snug inside a miniature Shinto shrine, a construction constructed to accommodate a number of kami, holy spirits. Its most vital buildings are used for safekeeping of sacred objects, not worship, which explains the entire cat collectible figurines put about.

Legend says that the shrine was constructed to honor a cat that was by chance killed by a fishermen

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

Because it’s “Cat Island,” it ought to come as no shock that this wasn’t the one cat that has been looking for shelter from the rain right here. Each ttt_zegu952 in addition to plenty of others have shared photos of different cats which have been right here, both hanging out or hiding underneath the protecting shrine roof.

Whereas the shrine was initially constructed by people to honor the cat within the legend, the quite a few cats coming in do come off as additionally coming to honor the cat for whom the shrine was constructed a few years in the past.

The island itself is usually known as Cat Island due to its booming cat inhabitants

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

It’s mentioned that there are extra cats residing on the island than there are people

Picture credit: ttt_zegu952

Because it seems, this isn’t the one location the place cats are worshiped, as there’s additionally Gotokuji Temple, or Tokyo’s “Fortunate Cat” Temple, within the Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. It’s a Buddhist temple that’s mentioned to be the birthplace of the maneki-neko.

The tweet of the cat image went viral, garnering over 70,000 likes and practically 20,000 retweets. The unique poster additionally shared different images of different cats that they’ve encountered on the shrine, and different tweeters additionally posted their very own encounters with cats at this exact same shrine.

And this isn’t the one place devoted to cats as there are a variety of temples honoring them all through Japan

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What are your ideas on this? Do you suppose we should always have extra cat shrines all over the world or do you maybe have your very personal cat shrine at dwelling? Tell us within the remark part beneath.

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