The government’s new social media policy was criticized in the Senate on Friday, and lawmakers accused the government of having overlooked parliament in drafting the rules.

The PPP senator, Rubina Khalid, while raising the matter in the House said: “We had been assured that the new rules [regarding digital media] they would be brought before the Senate committee but they were not brought before us. “

She said the ministry had promised that the committee would know the new rules before they were taken to the federal cabinet, but that was not the case. He added that the matter should be noted and the protest against the rules should be recorded.

Meanwhile, the senator of the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami party, Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar, opposed what he called the government’s measure to “control social networks”, saying that people are not allowed to use social networks in the country .

“We don’t accept this jungle law,” he said, adding that journalists are being “restricted” and some have even been kidnapped or killed.

On Wednesday it was learned that the government approved a new controversial policy to regulate digital media. Under the new rules, social media companies must send information such as subscriber information, traffic data and content data to a designated research agency when requested, in case they cannot receive a fine of up to Rs 500 million. .

Social media companies should also establish an office in Islamabad within the next three months and designate a focal person.

In accordance with the rules, social media platforms must also remove any content that is considered “illegal” and they were signaled in writing or by email signed electronically within 24 hours or in emergencies, within six hours .