There are around 186 countries and territories that have been affected by the spread of the coronavirus, but there are many countries that do not have confirmed cases of the viral disease.

A total of 35 countries have not registered COVID-19 cases, this includes countries that announced suspicious cases, but were later eliminated. Some other countries, such as Syria and North Korea, are also on the list, as they officially have no cases of coronavirus, but many suspect authoritarian governments are hiding the details of the disease’s spread.

The list of countries where confirmed cases are not reported is as follows:

  1. Belize
  2. Burundi
  3. Botswana
  4. Comoros
  5. D. P. R. from Korea
  6. Dominica
  7. Eritrea
  8. Federated States of Micronesia
  9. Pomegranate
  10. Guinea-Bissau
  11. Kiribati
  12. Libya
  13. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  14. Malawi
  15. Mali
  16. Mozambique
  17. Myanmar
  18. Nauru
  19. Republic of Yemen
  20. Republic of Palau
  21. Republic of the Marshall Islands
  22. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  23. Samoa
  24. Solomon Islands
  25. Sierra Leone
  26. Syria
  27. Sao Tome and Principe
  28. Tongo
  29. Tajikistan
  30. Timor-Leste
  31. Turkmenistan
  32. Tuvalu
  33. Uganda
  34. Vanuatu
  35. Occidental Sahara


Many of the countries mentioned have taken preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus from foreign passengers, while others have been protected due to the small number of citizens traveling abroad.

March 21, 2020