UAE residents need not worry about their daily needs during the community quarantine as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, has announced the launch of ‘Online grocery store‘Which includes the purchase of applications from 22 online stores in the UAE.

According to TRA, “Online Grocery” offers a preliminary list of shopping apps from some of the nation’s largest stores and retailers, and the system will be subject to updates in the coming days.

List of online grocery apps so you can sort your needs to stay home
Credits: TRA

Online grocery apps you can use to order your supplies to stay home

According to a report shared by the UAE state news agency, WAMThe online stores listed include large shopping malls and cooperatives, as well as supermarkets, meat and vegetable stores, and other services.

The beginning of 2020, according to the UAE government, has experienced strong activity in the online shopping sector, indicating high consumer demand to shop online.

Additionally, online stores have witnessed increased demand in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic that caused consumers to stay home and order online.

A 2020 report by the Ministry of Economy predicted that online consumption is expected to increase in the coming months, bringing the value of online commerce to more than $ 19.77 million this year.

According to the results of an online survey conducted by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai last year, it showed that 66 percent of its participants trust online shopping, while 70 percent trust online payments.

The United Arab Emirates has been ranked as one of the leading countries in terms of having developed digital and communications services infrastructure, and most of its official and private institutions are adopting solutions to provide services based on technological solutions, either to through smartphones or social networks.

As a result, online food and beverage sales in the UAE registered a cumulative annual growth of 21 percent between 2015 and 2018, according to data prepared by Wilson, the strategic market research company, which collects and analyzes sales data. .

Due to the current situation, online commerce in the country could grow to more than USD 19.77 million in 2020, according to a report issued by the UAE Ministry of Economy.

Here is a short list of shopping apps included in the “Online Grocery Store”:

List of online grocery apps so you can sort your needs to stay home
Credits: WAM

Grocery services

  1. UnionCoop
  2. Carrefour
  3. Amazon
  4. Noon
  5. Supermart
  6. Aswaaq online
  7. Westzone
  8. LuLu
  10. Talabat
  11. Supamarket
  12. Bawiq
  13. Instashop
  14. Wheelbarrow
  15. Dukkani
  16. GoGrocery
  17. Sharjah Coop Society
  18. Emirates Coop
  19. Safer way
  20. Swan
  21. Mir.Delivery
  22. Valu Cart
List of online grocery apps so you can sort your needs to stay home
Credits: WAM

Meat and fish

  • Martin Meats
  • Spring bok
  • Tari Fresh
  • Zabihati
  • Tazj
  • Almawashi

Vegetables, Fruits and Other Fresh Products

  • Kibsons
  • Nrtc Fresh
  • Quality food
  • Farm box
  • Fresh to home
  • Organic F&C
  • Green
  • A bit
List of online grocery apps so you can sort your needs to stay home
Credits: WAM


  • WaterWa
  • Masafi
  • Mykom
  • MaiDubai


  • 800 Pharmacy
  • Life pharmacy

While there is a forced community quarantine in the UAE, residents are expected to comply with directives given by the national government to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Earlier this week, both Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan issued warnings to residents in the country’s bid to combat the spread of the deadly virus, which has already claimed the lives of thousands of people abroad.

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