A prime biologist has revealed the Loch Ness Monster might be actual – as a result of we all know so little in regards to the mysteries of the deep.

Scientist Jeremy Wade has spent his profession trying to find solutions to the world’s most baffling underwater tales – from Nessie to the Kraken and the Bermuda Triangle.

“It is not unattainable that one thing may have wandered into Loch Ness from the ocean,” Jeremy tells the Each day Star.

“A lot of what goes on beneath the Earth’s floor, notably the oceans the place you’ve got such super depth, 25,000ft in some locations, stays unknown.

“There’s a entire world down there. It could be so attention-grabbing to empty every little thing and take a look to see what’s there, however ­clearly we won’t, so we’ve to seek out small clues about what’s going on and piece them collectively.”

With a depth of greater than 785ft, Loch Ness is deeper than the North Sea and comprises extra recent water than all of the lakes in England and Wales mixed.

Loch Ness within the Scottish Highlands is deeper than the North Sea

The mysterious monster Nessie has lengthy captivated individuals, with some saying it’s a prehistoric creature referred to as a plesiosaur which has managed to outlive the Ice Age, and others believing it might be a brand new species.

The newest sighting was final month, with one man claiming in a video that he’d seen the elusive creature rising from the depths.

Final yr, researchers from New Zealand used DNA mapping to ­examine Loch Ness additional.

Jeremy says: “The apparent factor to do is search for a giant animal.

“However the current analysis stated they’d search for DNA ­as a substitute – and this might be the way forward for know-how, which may assist us ­reveal extra about what’s going on.”

The survey discovered excessive ranges of eel DNA knowledge, which recommended Nessie might be a sort of large mutant eel.

This analysis in Loch Ness kinds a part of his new TV sequence, Mysteries of the Deep.

The well-known “Nessie” picture taken in 1934

Introduced by Jeremy, it’s a round-up of all the largest unexplained occasions and creatures from the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes, and likewise ­consists of beforehand unseen footage of surprising sightings.

“We have tried to use fashionable ­science and methods in an effort to convey the mysteries a bit nearer to a ­answer, or giving a bit extra of an ­perception into them,” says Jeremy.

A few of the different stand-out tales from the documentary sequence embrace the grisly case of at the very least 20 indifferent human toes in sneakers ­washing up on a seaside in British Columbia, Canada.

They’re probably from tsunami victims or individuals who had killed themselves by leaping off bridges.

Then there’s Harrison Okene, a Nigerian prepare dinner who managed to outlive three days on the backside of a shipwreck by being trapped in a 4ft sq air pocket. One other case which Jeremy was that of a yacht in a race being attacked by a suspected Kraken.

“Instantly the boat’s velocity diminished they usually discovered this huge tentacled creature hanging on to the underside of the boat,” he says.

“The crew have been attempting to prise it off to make it let go. However no person filmed it as a result of their focus was eliminating it in order that they did not lose time.

“The id of one thing like that might be wonderful to seek out out.”

A top biologist says it's "not impossible" for the Loch Ness Monster to really exist
A prime biologist says it is “not unattainable” for the Loch Ness Monster to essentially exist

Jeremy’s fascination with the deep seas and rivers got here from his curiosity in angling, which he is carried out since he was a younger boy.

He started investigating mysteries in 2005 when he travelled to the Himalayan foothills to fish within the space.

There, locals instructed him that individuals had gone lacking within the river – and {that a} large fish was accountable.

Jeremy caught a catfish, which weighed a hefty 11-and-a-half stone, however whereas he estimated this fish was robust sufficient to kill and eat a small baby, it was unlikely to be the ­perpetrator. It stays undiscovered.

Jeremy says he has develop into extra open-minded about mysterious creatures after coming nose to nose with a “monster” whereas fishing on the Amazon River.

“I noticed an uncommon creature, with a sequence of factors on its again, seem for a fraction of a second,” he says.

“It appeared like nothing I had ever seen earlier than. After I described it to ­native individuals they only stated, ‘No, there’s nothing like that dwelling right here’.

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster has entranced individuals world wide

“A yr later, I went again to the identical place and noticed it once more for an extended time. It turned out to be a pink river dolphin that had been mutilated.

“Having had the expertise of ­individuals doubting what I knew I would seen with my very own eyes, it has made me extra open-minded.

“So I do not essentially consider ­individuals are making up uncommon sightings as a result of they do not have that onerous proof.”

● Mysteries of the Deep airs Thursdays at 9pm on the Discovery Channel.