As everyone’s favourite film archeologist, Rene Belloq, can inform you, many risks lurk inside Egyptian tombs. These silly sufficient to enterprise inside will encounter traps, scorpions, snakes, and, in fact, the legend of the dreaded mummy. And who is aware of what number of adventurers met their doom when a sarcophagus creaked open and the very last thing they ever noticed was the succulent horror of a bandaged rack of ribs.

Like many historic civilizations, the Egyptians believed that the afterlife was simply Degree 2 of the nice sport of existence. The extra stuff you had been buried with, the higher you’d fare afterward. And none had been extra prepped for his or her private apocalypse than the pharaohs, who took with them their riches, their organs, and even their pets and slaves to serve them on the journey. And since in addition they wanted one thing to be served, these kings and queens had been buried with a pantry of provides, together with meats, so fastidiously preserved archeologists seek advice from them as “victual mummies” or â€œmeat mummies.”

To not be mistaken with the favored Halloween-themed intercourse act. 

Flavors of meat mummies got here in a veritable smorgasbord of tombed doom. There was the meat rib mummy, the veal mummy, the sliced goat mummy, even the poultry mummy. In King Tutankhamun’s tomb, explorers discovered no fewer than 48 preparations of meat fastidiously positioned into their very own little sarcophagi. And like their pharaohs, who had been entombed to seem like attractive golden gods …

Wikimedia Commons, Roland Unger
No person says no to you in a tomb — due to the implication.