During these closing times in Pakistan due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the premium smartphone maker, OPPO, considering it a corporate social responsibility, has extended the warranty for all of the company’s products for an additional 2 months. According to the initiative, the guarantees that expire on March 26, 2020, will now expire on May 26, 2020, etc.

Consumers can easily check the status of their warranty on the OPPO website by entering the IMEI number. The 2-month warranty extension is the first such imitation given by OPPO to Pakistani consumers covering such a wide range of product portfolio. With this promise, OPPO reaffirms its focus on product quality and reliability backed by strong investments in product development, research and development.

The company aspires to offer value to its clients. In doing so, the company tries to present a closer experience that revolves around clarity.

OPPO considers the safety of its valued customer to be the highest priority in the midst of such a crisis. The smartphone company is taking the appropriate steps to make life easier for its consumers and provide complete security for its employees.

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OPPO press release


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