This quick and easy vegetarian cheese toast is just the indulgent treat your kids would want

Vegetarian cheese toast can easily be made at home.


  • Cheese toast is a simple but tasty comfort food.
  • Rotating vegetables will give you some health.
  • You can make this vegetarian cheese toast in less than 20 minutes.

If your kids aren’t picky about food, you’re in luck! Most children get angry if they don’t get the food they like. Even if your child is not a picky eater, we are sure they would want to eat the decades that all other children like. Pizza, macaroni, noodles: there is a lot you can do to impress the little ones. If you’re still looking for more options to add variety to your diet, this vegetarian cheese toast is a must try.

If children want to eat cheese, you want them to eat vegetables. This dish combines both and creates the perfect balance between ‘flavor’ and ‘nutrition’. Cheese toast is a simple but tasty comfort food. Rotating vegetables will give you some health and your kids won’t even care. You can easily make this cheese toast with your choice of bread and vegetable and spice dressings. Plus, you can make this delicious cheese toast in under 20 minutes.

Manjula Jain, a popular food vlogger, shared this recipe for children on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. She used tomatoes, yellow pepper, green pepper, and dried basil for the vegetable seasoning. But, you can use any vegetable of your choice. Make cheese toast with vegetables for breakfast, lunch, or snack. It is also a great option to serve as snacks to your guests.

Watch the video of quick and easy vegetarian cheese toast recipes here

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