Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the launch of Toyota Yaris by Indus Motor Company (IMC) was 27th March 2020 in Lahore is now rescheduled in Karachi at the Indus Assembly Plant in Port Qasim on the 24thth March 2020.

However, with the current situation, Toyota Yaris launch plans may be postponed due to corona virus. A new date has not yet been announced.

According to Automark sources, “A firm decision on the launch has not been made as the situation changes daily.” However, market sources say the company could make a soft launch.

In early March, the company held a Toyota Yaris alignment ceremony at the Karachi plant in Port Qasim and the car was only shown to dealers.

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According to market sources, the crown outbreak has to have an adverse effect on the automotive market in Pakistan, and sellers face a shortage of auto parts. Like most of the world, the crown has hit Pakistan and the question is whether the industry can withstand these delays and shortages.

Toyota Yaris has replaced discontinued models, namely XLI and GLI, which were Toyota’s most popular models since its introduction in 2000-2001 and gave Toyota around 65% of its sales.

The car’s features have yet to be released. However, car enthusiasts say the car length, width and height would be 4425mm, 1730mm, 1475mm. While the wheelbase would be 2250 mm.

The car’s engine is in-line 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC with it-i. Engine capacity is 1496cc. The highest output power is 6000 rpm and the torque is 4200 rpm. The speed is 170 km / h, the fuel consumption is 5.8 / 100 km and the tank capacity is 42 liters.

The Toyota Yaris price is expected to settle around a range of 23-24 lacs. The Yaris is a popular model that has been popular in many countries. It was first introduced in Thailand under the name of Yaris Ativ.

The delay and closure of the plants have already left the industry at a loss. If the coronavirus lasts longer, the effects will be greater than one can imagine now.