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It has lastly come to go in America that armed bands of federal authorities thugs in camouflage gear are taking up elements of chosen US cities to serve the pursuits of the nation’s fearful “chief” and autocrat-in-chief. On the behest of Trump and his stooge lawyer normal, unidentified Division of Homeland Safety troops have swooped in to carry “regulation and order” to residents hoping for some measure of police reform and racial justice. So, whereas the coronavirus pandemic rages uncontrolled within the face of a chaotic response by the identical federal authorities, Trump has determined to reinforce his failure by doubling down on leftists, socialists, anarchists and communists. That is actual, it’s an outdated playbook and it ought to be very scary.

Armed and empowered federal authorities personnel with completely no coaching in coping with citizen protests or protesters are being unleashed to confront largely peaceable demonstrators in America who’re imploring their authorities to scale back police violence and deal with racial injustice. Native leaders and police commanders are confronted with an armed power that they haven’t requested for and that they don’t need. That is Americans being terrorized by American authorities personnel, sarcastically on the command of the federal Division of Homeland Safety established to guard us from terrorists.

America Is a Nation in Darkness


To make sure, that is largely theater. However it’s theater that ought to shock anybody in America who smugly thought that the “land of the free” would by no means appear to be “different” despotic lands. It has been a really very long time since America has come this near all-time low. As a nation, America is a world laughingstock, mocked by all these despots we bribed over time to remodel their means into our means, the American means. However guess what? We didn’t see it coming, however their means has now turn into our means.

Activate the information anyplace on the planet, and it’ll function some every day story of woe from America. Activate the information in America, and it’s all a story of American woe. But regardless of the notion that America has discovered new lows, amid pandemic and social strife, there’s a palpable disconnect between the depth of the issues and a severe consensus concerning the options. As is commonly the case in America, this example is a giant drawback searching for a label that can be certain that not a lot adjustments anytime quickly.

Each politician and pundit within the land appears to have settled on one thing referred to as the “tradition wars.” It appears really easy within the facile world through which we reside to offer cowl for advanced issues by discovering a meaningless catchy phrase that everybody can outline for themselves as an alternative of going through actuality, significantly the truth of others.

“Tradition Wars”

Right this moment, in every single place you flip in American politics, “tradition wars” are trotted out to clarify away all method of dysfunction in authorities and society. I’m not certain what that time period means. “Tradition conflict” has been outlined as “a battle or battle for dominance between teams inside a society or between societies, arising from their differing beliefs, practices, and so on.” The “and so on.” on the finish of this definition ought to be a clue that “tradition conflict” means primarily no matter you need it to imply. What sort of definition is that?

Earlier than there was the coronavirus pandemic, there was tradition in every single place. Wish to see a play, go for it. If artwork or anthropology is your curiosity, museums abound. Even a film, significantly when referred to as “cinema” or “movie,” can qualify as an excellent stable cultural expertise. Then there’s the entire world of worldwide and native cuisines, extra cultural expertise. Wines, beers, whiskeys, filled with tradition. After I consider tradition, that is what I consider, together with the wealthy tapestry that defines a few of who we’re. 

One way or the other a conflict primarily based on a movie I like, what delicacies I select to eat or the sports activities crew I select to root for appears trivial and even unlikely. So, a “tradition conflict” should imply one thing deeper than that. It should imply, for instance, that for those who take note of public well being specialists in response to a pandemic, you might be on one crew and if not, you might be on the opposite crew. What a intelligent option to gloss over stupidity and ignorance.

“Tradition conflict” additionally implies one thing ingrained that can’t be altered or influenced by new concepts, new data or new expertise. Nonetheless, the paralyzing battle that we’re enduring in America is routinely influenced by new concepts and new experiences. It’s a coverage battle, a battle over how finest to deal with actual human issues with a coverage response. And far of it’s pushed by a person’s momentary notion of the function of presidency in assembly these human challenges. 

I really dislike Senator Mitch McConnell, however we’re each outdated white males who drink high quality bourbon and will share a cigar once in a while. What we disagree about shouldn’t be tradition, however content material.

As one other instance of what I’m attempting to convey, the urge to personal a gun in America certainly doesn’t mirror the groupthink on the core of the “tradition conflict” definition. The explanations for arming oneself or selecting to not cross each demographic and social line — that wealthy white couple in Missouri armed and prepared of their entrance yard as protesters walked by would share little of cultural significance with a poor white subsistence hunter or a younger, inner-city, Latino gangbanger. It’s extremely unlikely that these disparate gun house owners ever cross one another’s paths besides as informal observers inspecting the eccentricities of one another’s cultural basis.

I’m sorry to take a dump on everybody’s newest label, however I’m actually bored with labels getting used as an alternative to accountability. If you happen to select to be ignorant, you’ll be able to meet others such as you at your church, your nation membership, your gymnasium or your metropolis council assembly. Willful ignorance is present in all cultures. It’s a disgrace that it’s so frequent and so misunderstood as the basis of a lot of what separates us.

That’s not a cultural assertion. We’re not engaged in a “tradition conflict.” We’re engaged in a confrontation to outline a greater America and to search out the coverage options that can lead us there. That is America’s “conflict” for its future, not some wistful seek for cultural reconciliation.

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