With the world facing a global climate crisis, countries around the world are reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to clean renewable energy resources.

The United States still produces more than 80% of all energy from fossil fuels, although this needs change, it presents an opportunity for American farmers.

The numbers show that farmers in the US USA They have been struggling for years, since 2013. Financial debt has caused many farmers to sell part of their equipment or parts of their land, simply to try to recoup the losses. Profits

Both climate change and international trade wars have had a major impact on farms across the country. In 2019, the national agricultural debt ($ 416 billion) reached record levels of $ 431.6 billion in 1980, prompting many farmers to file for bankruptcy, which saw a 20% increase last year.

According to the EE. USA According to data from the Department of Agriculture, the average farm had a debt of $ 1.3 million in 2017 and that number has increased by more than 8.5 percent since then.

The good news in all of this for farmers is that 80% of the energy still comes from the air polluting fossil fuel industry. A recent USA Today article looks at wind power and how it can help farmers get out of debt or at least earn enough to continue living on the land they love.

Farm in rural America with wind turbines
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One of those farmers is Tom Cunningham, with only three wind turbines on his farm, who said;

I would say that the absence of financial stress has been a real game changer for me. The turbines offset the export (crop) problems they have faced.

Wind turbine leases generally last 30 to 40 years, which can give farmers peace of mind that even if crop yields are low, they will have a stable income for many years. Many homeowners can generate $ 3,000 to $ 7,000 annually from an area the size of a two-car garage. Wind turbines are large, but 95 percent of farmland can still be used for agriculture.

For farmers like Tom Cunningham, wind turbines provided an alternative to relying solely on their farm income. Farmers are hoping for a good climate, without droughts or floods to grow their crops, and even if they do grow crops, international trade wars are a real dilemma facing most farmers across the country.

Before having his wind turbines, Mr. Cunningham was what he called “functionally bankrupt”, operating barely any money with many years to survive, and now;

This is money that other people would think is too much, but it made a big difference for us.

For farmers who cannot afford enough wind power or have enough land, there are other forms of renewable energy. Solar energy is making great strides, with bifacial panels and perovskite breakthroughs occurring almost daily. United States This will increase their production of renewable energy because they have a great capacity to do so if farmers can participate, it will help them much more than any rescue.